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Cambridge Station Consulting is managed by Brian Ginpil.
Brian has worked in Safety for over 15 years and throughout Canada.
He has implemented various safety services in the areas of manufacturing, ice roads, trucking, waste management and long term health care.


  • Determine Critical Task List
  • Conduct Risk Assessments and Job Hazard Analysis
  • Implement Physical Demand Analysis
  • Develop Hazard Prevention Program including applicable forms
  • Develop Safe Work Practises and/or Safe Job Procedures
  • Staff Training

Hazard Prevention

Safety Programs

  • Develop, implement and maintain Safety Programs.
  • Prepare for a COR (Certificate of Recognition) Audit
  • Travel as required for site inspections
  • Prepare and submit annual reports to government departments
  • Investigate incidents including vehicle, property damage and fatality
  • Work with Provincial and Federal investigators, Police/RCMP, Provincial Workers Compensation Boards and Coroner office.

  • Develop and Implement specific Safety Program for ice road projects
  • Create and implement safety Orientations
  • Monitor and enforce the safety plan
  • Liaise with other organizations and government agencies
  • Worked on Ice road from Moonsonne, ON to Attawapiskat and up to Debeers Victor Diamond Mines
  • Worked on Ice road from Yellowknife, NT to four (4) Diamond mines
  • Submit end of season reports including reccomendations

Ice Roads


  • Implemented Safety Program including site meetings at several oil and gas companies in Alberta
  • Managed a waste management Safety Program in Nova Scotia
  • Conducted Physical Demand Analysis for a manufacturing company in Ontario
  • Developed Safety Programs for various size companies in Manitoba and Ontario
  • Implemented Risk Assessments in a long term health care facility in Ontario
  • Develop, implement and enforce Safety Plans for Ice Roads in Ontario and Northwest Territories

Program Components

  • Company Abstract + Rules, Definitions, Organizational Statements
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy
  • New Employee Orientation and Training
  • Safe Work Practices and/or Safe Job Procedures
  • Fire Safety Plan (Emergency Evacuation Procedures)
  • Inspection Policy and Program and supporting forms
  • Incident Investigation Policy, Program and supporting forms
  • Drug and Alchohol Policy and Program
  • Violence Prevention in the Workplace Policy and Program
  • Hazard Substance Program
  • Return to Work Policy and Program
  • Training and Education
  • Records and Reports
  • Health and Safety Committee (Rules, Schedule, Procedures)


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